27 Oct

what am I up to?

My wife is in hospital with an absess on her eye, so I’m stuck at home minding Jareth, my 3yo son.

I don’t have time to work on KFM at the moment, but work is progressing anyway – Benjamin Ter Kuile has been hacking away at it feverishly – he’s currently working on the Image code. We plan to have all thumbnails contained within the sqlite database for version 0.7. I received an Italian language file from Stefano Luchetta, which, together with Hannu Nemi’s Finnish translation, makes a total of ten languages!

I’m busy with a rather large project which I can’t reveal details about, but can say that it involves Perl and a few different DB versions. Perl is a bit of a bugger, after you’ve been used to PHP, and PostgreSQL is just a pain in the behind…

I translated my Kaejax framework from PHP into Perl last night, after much hardship, and am currently strugging with JavaScript – a previous developer on this project made a decision to use the Prototype JS library. That’s not a bad decision, but it is interfering with my own scripts such that some simple things are not working as expected.

All in all, I’m incredibly busy. Thank $DEITY monday is a bank holiday, as I think I’ll need it, in order to catch up with everything!