08 Oct

kfm acquires a search engine

Over the last few weeks, I’ve gradually been shifting the KFM project over to using sqlite for its file meta-data organisation, a database engine which keeps everything in one file and doesn’t require any pesky authentication.

The logical next step was a search engine, so I wrote that today – and wrote some workarounds for SQLite – my home version is 3.3, and work server runs 3.1.3. 3.1.3 doesn’t support auto_increment, which bloody annoyed me.

kfm screenshot

At the bottom left, open up Search, and type “jpg”. No need to press “enter” – it’s a live search – it will ask for the results 500ms after your last keypress. You’ll get a result set of all files with “jpg” in the name.

That’s one of the major new things for KFM 0.6, which I hope to push out the door by next weekend.

Thanks to Benjamin ter Kuile for his help in getting the system to work on servers that don’t have PDO-SQLite built in – he supplied a different flat-file database. I haven’t seen it in action, but it works on his server (which is running MacOSX!)

Also, thanks to Vse Do Feni, who supplied a Russian translation! It looks strange to see KFM with Cyrrilic characters.

The next few weeks should be interesting. I’ll be implementing tagging very soon. KFM will be the most advanced ajax filemanager in existance!