08 Sep

firefox propaganda

As everyone knows, Internet Explorer is the seed of the Devil (only messing, Microsoft, please don’t send your minions after me).

As a long-time advocate of cross-browser coding, I hate to tell people “Best viewed in BetterBrowser2.0”, and I absolutely despise seeing that on any website that I visit.

However, my thoughts have shifted recently, when it comes to administration sites.

I don’t believe that it is “wrong” to tell a person that when they use an administration site that they purchased off us, they should use a certain browser. After all – it is not public, and it is in their professional interest to use the best tool for the job.

So, in the interest of a better experience all-round, we (webworks.ie) have started advertising Firefox in the administration areas of our sites.


Note the button. Looks just like any other webme command, and it is in the “meta-commands” section, which is used for non-editing purposes. It is subtle, and not a command.

I’m pretty happy about this. We have been seeing a shift recently towards Firefox among our users, and we all advocate Firefox now, where we used to differ in opinions on this in the past.

I am still aware that IE has a majority out there, but I’m hoping that by shifting our own users towards it, we will bring the general public around, which will be better all around – the public will enjoy a better experience, and I can write less-awkward code – bliss.

06 Sep

russians are weird

I’ve filed this under “humour”, as I’m not sure how it could be anything else!

I was reading through some news reports from el Reg, and came across one which linked to an online Russian newspaper, mosnews.com. I read the article, but found the headlines of the other news items to be just plain weird as well.

Are all russians mad, or is this some sort of satire news site?

Here are some of the articles I found weird:

I think I will be reading that newspaper in future!