24 Sep

my robot is now an actual robot

I took the time today to connect up some wheels to the base of my bot. I can now place the bot on the ground on the far side of the room from me, and tell it to move forward or backward from my laptop.

The next step is left and right. I just need to scrounge up two transistors. I’m sure I can find them somewhere.

robot - from front From the front, you see the mini-itx me6000 motherboard, powered by a 12v battery, using a pw200 dc-dc convertor to control the power input. You can also see two cameras and a wireless card.

robot - from back From the back, you can see my messy wiring. I took a parallel port cable and stripped it. The “ground” wire is connected to the bracket on the left. After a bit of testing, I found the wires that correspond to the 1 and 2 bits when accessed through 0x0378 (the parallel port address on my machine). those wires are connected to the circuit board, and control the power going to the motors through some transistors I ripped from an old radio.

robot - from bottom The bottom view shows the wheels and motor controller. A friend of Bronwyn’s dropped them in to me a few weeks ago. They’re from an iBotz robot – maybe this one. They’re powered by a 5v connection I found on the pw200.

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