18 Sep

30 in 1:30, arrr….

In one hour, thirty minutes, it’ll be September the 19th, I’ll be 30 years old, and it will also, probably most importantly, be talk like a pirate day.

What I am doing right this moment:

  • installing sqlite on my home server for the next batch of kfm upgrades.
  • upgrading my robot from fc4 to fc5 – it’s a mini-itx motherboard with a wireless card, sturdy wheels, two cameras and a 12v lead battery. currently sitting on my kitchen table
  • being harassed by my wife, who thinks that I’m old – ignoring that she will also be this age in about two years.

I was reading about foreign keys in mysql earlier. the last time I’d looked at them was about 5 years ago, and they were just being introduced with the InnoDB storage engine. I haven’t really had the time since then to mess around. today, I took an hour out to read up on them and try out some code, and was pretty impressed to find that they work great – even automatic cascades triggered by index deletes. Maybe I shouldn’t really be surprised at that, though – they have been supported since about mysql 3.4 or so.

5 thoughts on “30 in 1:30, arrr….

  1. thanks all. it was pretty good, in that there wasn’t too much fuss made. I played around a bit with my mini-itx robot, drank some Carlsberg, and upgraded my blog (the theme is from here).

    hopefully next year will be just as calm, but with more drink and robots, and some people to enjoy them with.

  2. Happy birthday!

    I stop by here every once and a while… I am truly surprised at your new template! I blinked twice and then said, “Holy Crap!” in a voice, audible enough to wake the person next door.

    Cheers from Ohio, US.

  3. it is a quite impressive theme, isn’t it! I had a good read through the CSS in order to find out some things about how it worked. there are some ways I would do it differently, but overall, I think it is a very impressive job. Thank you, scary little monkey.

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