14 Sep

not even wrong

I’m on a new antidepressant now which I take at 10pm every night. This causes me to be basically dead to the world by the time it’s 10:30pm.

Last night I got a phone call at 11:30pm. I blearily answered, and after a minute or two of trying to understand what the hell was being asked of me, I figured out that my dad, who lives in Britain somewhere, had dialled me, then immediately passed the phone to someone else, who was asking me a very strange question:

Why can’t you have two motherboards and two CPUs in one computer?

That’s a fucked up question to ask anyone at 11:30pm when they’re drugged and half asleep.

I couldn’t answer the question as it was just too damned weird.

Basically, you can do that, but it would be pointless, unless you had a very specialised operating system and applications to make use of them both.

The analogy I’ve come up with to explain this weirdness is:

You buy a tractor in order to get your work done. A few years down the line, you find that you need more horsepower in order to get your work done. You then have a choice – do you replace the tractor completely with a new tractor which is bigger and stronger (expensive), or do you simply buy one more simple tractor (cheap) and drive that at the same time?

It would take some very specialised driving to try to run two tractors at the same time using one driver, so it makes sense to simply get a new replacement. Yes, it would be more expensive, but it would also be vastly easier.