kae's guide to contact juggling

In a past life, I was a contact juggler, and created the website contactjuggling.org.

During that time, I wrote a book, Kae’s Guide To Contact Juggling, intending it to be an update of James Ernest’s “Contact Juggling”.

I wasn’t looking for money, and wasn’t a great marketer, so the book never really took off.

However, it turns out the book has become a minor hit in the contact juggling world, with it being shared person to person.

The question arose recently, is it okay to amend the book? In short, my answer is “please, go ahead!”.

The license I published this book under was “You have permission to copy this book and share with friends. You do not have permission to sell this or any copies of this book.” That license sticks. Feel free to share the book, and to change it, but do not sell it or remove the license, or claim that it is your own work.

Here it is: cj.doc


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