08 Sep

firefox propaganda

As everyone knows, Internet Explorer is the seed of the Devil (only messing, Microsoft, please don’t send your minions after me).

As a long-time advocate of cross-browser coding, I hate to tell people “Best viewed in BetterBrowser2.0”, and I absolutely despise seeing that on any website that I visit.

However, my thoughts have shifted recently, when it comes to administration sites.

I don’t believe that it is “wrong” to tell a person that when they use an administration site that they purchased off us, they should use a certain browser. After all – it is not public, and it is in their professional interest to use the best tool for the job.

So, in the interest of a better experience all-round, we (webworks.ie) have started advertising Firefox in the administration areas of our sites.


Note the button. Looks just like any other webme command, and it is in the “meta-commands” section, which is used for non-editing purposes. It is subtle, and not a command.

I’m pretty happy about this. We have been seeing a shift recently towards Firefox among our users, and we all advocate Firefox now, where we used to differ in opinions on this in the past.

I am still aware that IE has a majority out there, but I’m hoping that by shifting our own users towards it, we will bring the general public around, which will be better all around – the public will enjoy a better experience, and I can write less-awkward code – bliss.

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