protware's "html guardian"

check out this page. It stops you from reading the source of the page.

Pretty interesting, but not infallible.

How to read the source of the page: in Firefox, paste this into the URL bar, then hit Enter:



  1. Too fallible for my liking… so fallible in fact that I couldn’t actually see *anything* on the page with any of my browsers 😉

  2. I noticed that nothing at all is visible with JavaScript turned off. I only tried in Firefox and IE. A fair try, but a hopeless cause. You simply /cannot/ hide your source from someone that is determined to get it.

  3. I agree, I have javascript turned on but still I get nothing.

  4. lol! yup. I see what you mean. I’ve just tried in Konqueror, and got a string of gobbledygook. I assume the author only tested in the “popular” browsers.

  5. I was actually trying it in Firefox, which is why I found it odd that I saw nothing at all. I also tried it in IE6, but still got nothing. I suspect that their script was doing some sort of browser-sniffing and crapping out when it saw I wasn’t using Windows XP! (FYI: I use Windows Server 2003 both in the office and on my home machine – it’s sooo much better than XP)

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