29 Aug

kaejax demoed

Okay – based on the ideas that I described earlier, I now have a working demo.

The problem as described, is that AJAX is not very good at coping with massive numbers of small function calls – the http requests gum up the networks.

The solution was to try to aggregate all the small calls into single http requests, run all the function requests on the server, and return the results as a single array.

Here are my results:

old non-aggregated versionNew KaeJAX Whiter-Than-White brand

loading… please wait
test1 completed in 10559 milliseconds
test2 completed in 20694 milliseconds
test3 completed in 32109 milliseconds
test4 completed in 43278 milliseconds


loading… please wait
test1 completed in 1101 milliseconds
test2 completed in 1184 milliseconds
test3 completed in 1292 milliseconds
test4 completed in 1530 milliseconds

tamperdata screenshot

hah! i don’t think so – it was well too large to even bother replicating


tamperdata screenshot
source codesource code

Judge for yourself.

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