10 Aug

f%&$in kids!!!

My daughter, Boann, light of my life and bringer of joy, just closed her eyes and shut her gob after a full night of kicking, screaming, pissing and vomiting – on me.

Do you know how piercing a baby’s scream is? It’s designed to make parents drop everything and attend to their immediate needs, no matter how much pain the mother is in (Bronwyn’s been lying curled up in agony for seven or eight hours for some reason) or how few hours of sleep and how few milk-producing nipples the father has.

Finally, she’s asleep. I can go to bed now.

But no! Jareth always wakes up on the dot at 6am, which is in 6 minutes.

Such is life…

I really need to bring up the subject of “the snip” with Bronwyn.