09 Aug

a lickle magic trick

not quite perfectly executed, but I think it’s good for an amateur:

a card trick

I’m not going to tell you how it’s done – it’s much more satisfying if you figure it out yourself.

clue: not a camera trick, and no, there is no gimmick card in this.

2 thoughts on “a lickle magic trick

  1. well, I didn’t figured it myself (shame on me), but googled it instead (I’m better at that 😉

    so, well, now I *know* how you did that, but I still can’t do it myself… well, I guess I need to practice quite a lot, how long did it took to you?

    really nice trick btw, and well performed

  2. thanks Liane!

    that’s a hard question. once I knew how to do it, I could perform the motions pretty much immediately. But it took hours of practice to get it down to more subtle movements, instead of “uh… wait – okay, here it is”-style jerkiness.

    even that video was redone a few times. some times, I gave away the trick, but mostly, the video was just crap 😉

    with a bit more practice, I found I could do it with just the one hand.

    a good party trick, I’m sure, if you can get it done very solidly, but don’t tell the watchers how you did it, as that will spoil the fun!

    I’m still not smooth enough to risk showing it to people in the flesh. At least on video, you can redo it until you get it right.

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