07 Aug

and… it's a kfm!

I’ve just released KFM 0.5.

New features:

# New Languages
    * French (thanks to Hubert Garrido)
    * Spanish, thanks to Arathael
    * Dutch (thanks to Roy Lubbers)
# selected file can be changed using the left/right arrow keys
# you can edit plain-text files online
# caption-extraction from JPG files
# total rebuild of the directory panel
# recursive context-menus.

Looking at the above, I am suddenly reminded that I speak Irish… next release will have a ga.js language file, I promise.

I had a visit from my bosses yesterday. They came to see my other baby, Boann, who was born last week (and I still haven’t uploaded the relevant photos!), but I couldn’t resist showing off some of the new features.

They seemed to be excited about one of the new features – the ability to edit files online, instead of having to download them, edit them, then re-upload them – they said it would help solve one major irritant that a client/partner of ours has (oy, LiamRo – I know you’re reading this – excited?? this is just the beginning!). I’ve restricted it to plain text files for now, but will expand out to xml-based languages if no bugs rear their heads.

Well! Had a good chat with Janich Rasmussen, the most prolific bug-reporter on the KFM bug tracker, and maintainer of the Danish language file. It’s always good to speak one-to-one to other developers.

For any other people that want to chat with me about KFM, I can sometimes be caught in #kfm on irc.freenode.net.

Time for coffee, then I have a lot of 0.6 work to do!