05 Aug

kfm 0.5b

After a few weeks of not being able to get the time to sit down long enough to work on it, I’ve finally got my KFM project up to the 0.5 feature list.

The largest new item was a surprisingly easy to code (in total, probably less than 20 new lines of code) online text editor.

There are three new languages for version 0.5 (over 0.4) – Spanish, French and Dutch.

The project will be in beta for 24 hours, to allow the translators time to submit their new Strings, and for any testers to come across any critical bugs.

To try it out, try the sandbox version. If you like it, you can download the beta from the Nightly repository, or via SVN (instructions on the front page).

KFM rules. You want it. Get it.

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