4 thoughts on “and… it's a girl!

  1. hell – no problem, I’ve been up to my ears!

    I drop in every now and then, but usually am only around for a half hour or so.

    Boann is asleep now. she’s actually quite well-behaved, compared to how my son was, at that age.

    I will now collapse into bed and not open my eyes again until december.

  2. Ciao ragazzi! Hey Conor here from Rome. How’s my new born niece getting on KB? E-Mail me pics of the gal, yeah. KB hope all is well, can’t wait to see the little whipper snappers as soon as I’m home. Brava Ancora! Ciao 4 now.


    Uncle Conor.


  3. thanks, Conor. I hear you’re staying in Italy, so it must have made a good impression on you!

    I’ll put together a gallery of images and email you the address of it.

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