and… it's a girl!

Boann Verens, born at 2:48 (about 40m ago).

Jareth, my 3yo son, slept right through everything.

I’ll upload photos tomorrow


  1. Big congrats from me!

    and sorry for not being on IRC for some time. I’ve got busy!

  2. hell – no problem, I’ve been up to my ears!

    I drop in every now and then, but usually am only around for a half hour or so.

    Boann is asleep now. she’s actually quite well-behaved, compared to how my son was, at that age.

    I will now collapse into bed and not open my eyes again until december.

  3. Ciao ragazzi! Hey Conor here from Rome. How’s my new born niece getting on KB? E-Mail me pics of the gal, yeah. KB hope all is well, can’t wait to see the little whipper snappers as soon as I’m home. Brava Ancora! Ciao 4 now.


    Uncle Conor.


  4. thanks, Conor. I hear you’re staying in Italy, so it must have made a good impression on you!

    I’ll put together a gallery of images and email you the address of it.

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