27 Jul

no pop today

Bronwyn went into labour at 11:30pm last night.

She is still in labour. We’re about to go to bed, but I thought I’d share my experiences of a home birth so far.

When Jareth was born, we spent three days in Cavan Hospital. That’s “Cavan”, not “Monaghan”, because Monaghan hospital is not allowed to do births.

Those were probably the most uncomfortable three days we have ever had. I slept in the waiting room on the first night, and was only told about the “guest bedrooms” the second night.

I was asked if I would not rather go home for the night and come back in the following morning. No, I wouldn’d like that – from Monaghan to Cavan is a round trip of about 120km – not an easy trip for someone who doesn’t drive.

Bronwyn had a particularly awful experience of it. One problem with hospitals is the whole conveyor belt system of it – there is no cameraderie between the doctors and patients. There is the distinct impression felt that patients are problems to be solved, instead of people to be helped.

Bronwyn has a mild phobia of hospitals. This is not helped by the doctors never explaining what they’re doing, or sticking around to talk and find out how she’s feeling (get your eyes off the chart and ask).

My boss, John, dropped in to see us at lunch time. Bronwyn was sitting down to a huge plate of curry. He was remarking on how amazingly relaxed we both were. This was unsurpising, though, when you consider it – Bronwyn’s not being treated as an object, and is not being poked and prodded without so much as a by-your-leave.

In Cavan, she was physically examined at least five times in the few hours before the gynaecologist broke her waters. This was a very uncomfortable experience for her, which was thankfully avoided here – Bronwyn’s midwife, Susan, is very sensitive to her needs and wants, and is not as bound by conservative procedure as hospitals are.

Anyway… it’s 10:40 here, and we’re going to bed. Maybe tomorrow will be the day… I certainly hope it’s not 3am in the morning, though – I need my beauty sleep!

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