kfm 0.4 – multilingual

more details

New Features

  • panels may be turned off
  • various panel actions (move, resize, etc)
  • long file names are automagically shortened
  • new panels – “file properties” and “directory properties”
  • KFM is now themeable
  • KFM is no multilingual
  • various improvements to the code
  • various bug-fixes

The biggest feature in the above is the Multilingual ability.

Extreme thanks go out to Janich Rasmussen, who provided the Danish translation (demo), and wendwerfer (Thomas ?), who provided the German translation (demo) (and kickstarted the multilingual code by providing his languagepack!).


  1. Quote:
    “KFM is no multilingual”

    Do you really mean no? 😉

    But again, great work!
    Thank you very much

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