06 Jul

kfm 0.2 for FCKeditor

Here’s the announcement I made on sourceforge and my bugtracker

I've put a little time into making this work with IE, so it's time
to throw it out to the wolves, to see if it survives.

 - multiple-selection using dragging
 - files may be used for FCKeditor by hitting the Enter key
 - drag-and-drop moving of files to directories
 - multiple file deletion
 - deletion using the Delete key
 - directory deletion
 - image resizing
 - image caption editing
 - shift-click multiple selection
 - contextmenu adapts based on single or multiple file selection
 - log of actions
 - file upload button only shows when needed.

An example of an FCKeditor with the KFM as a file browser:

The plugin itself: