28 Jun

kfm – logs and forms

I’ve refined the KFM file browser. The submit button of any form is not needed until the form is valid, so I set the Upload button for teh file-upload form to display:none. The button is displayed once the file selection input actually contains something.

That helps with the amount of space used by the file browser.

Also, instead of showing alerts for errors and announcements, I’ve introduced a small logger. Errors are shown with high contrast colours, and normal messages are muted slightly (they don’t need to be too visible – they’re just log messages).

demo (Image or Link icon, then Browse Server)

the plugin source

3 thoughts on “kfm – logs and forms

  1. I agree, you’re doing an awesome job on this thing 🙂 One suggestion.. the ctrl click to select multiple images is a pain for Mac users, could you accept cmd click’s also?

  2. thanks guys – it helps that I made up a list of things that need doing (mantis.verens.com)

    Rick – done. Thanks for the suggestion.

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