26 Jun

today's KFM work

Today, I implemented the following for KFM.

  • Multiple file deletion. If you have several files selected, you can delete them all in one go with either the context menu (right-click), or with the Delete key.
  • File selection using the shift key. If the third file of a list is selected, and file seven is clicked with the shift key held, then the file selection is changed to files three to seven inclusive.
  • CTRL-A selection. If you press CTRL and A at the same time, all files are selected.

As usual, the demo is here (click the Image icon on the second row then click Browse Server).

The source can be downloaded here.

2 thoughts on “today's KFM work

  1. Hi Kae, thanks again for your great work!
    I’d like to put in an idea for KFM: line up the icons/thumbnails. It’s a real mess now when I have a lot of images/files in a directory. It would look more professional when they are in straight lines and columns.

  2. The mess is caused by the different lengths of filenames – the icons are basically shaped using only only a minimum width (the width of the icon image), float:left, and the length of the filename. I suppose that could be helped by limiting the allowed filename length – I could show the first 17 or so characters of long filenames, followed by an ellipses. Will do that later.

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