03 Jun

multiple text-shadows

I was reading my blogs today and came across this post, which mentioned that Konqueror is the only browser around that can handle multiple text-shadows, as per the W3C CSS3 draft.

In the post, Allan provided an example of a secret code displayable only in Konqueror (well, and text-browsers as well, I suppose).

I took that as a challenge, and have upgraded my old text-shadow hack to handle multiple shadows.

As an example, here is a copy of Allan’s demo, with my script attached.

This works in Firefox and Konqueror. I don’t have IE on this machine, so can’t test that, but I expect it will.

2 thoughts on “multiple text-shadows

  1. I get the following error running it on IE 6sp1:
    A runtime error has occurred, Do you want to Debug?
    Line 20
    Error: ‘style.cssText’ is null or not an object

  2. Have you been able to fix the bug that happens when you resize the browser and the absolute positioned shadows stay where they are rendered?

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