30 May

oh. my. god.

If you are at all into gore films, and like to sometimes watch things that make you squirm with revulsion (isn’t that all of us?), then I can’t think of any stronger film than August Underground’s Mordum. A quick search on just the word mordum will give you a load of reviews, by hard-line horror/gore enthusiasts, agreeing that this is by far the sickest film ever put to film.

I mean it!

And yes, I have seen Guinea Pig 5: Flowers Of Flesh And Blood. Yes, that’s a very very vile and realistic film. This is realer.

It’s made by Toe Tag Pictures, and is basically a video diary of a trio of murderers. The major difference between this film and the Guinea Pig one is the amount of sexual content in it. I won’t describe the atrocities in the film other than to severely recommend that people think hard about how squeamish they are before buying it.

On a humorous note, as the credits were rolling, I felt that all it was lacking was a notice saying “no animals were hurt during the making of this film”, but then the credits finished and the camera played on to show a cat playing with the remains of a mouse. Ah well; that idea goes out the window.

You have been warned.

Hmm… I have no appropriate category to put this under.

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