28 May

kfm – file uploads and deletes

Today, I added basic file handling tools to kfm (Kae’s File Manager). You can now upload files into any directory you choose, clicking a file will select it for FCKeditor, and you can delete the file with a right-click.

demo – click an icon, then click “Browse Server”.

The only things missing now, before you could consider this a “true” file manager, are the abilities to create and delete directories. That should be simple – a small extension of the code I wrote today. I’ll do that tomorrow, after work.

I’m using PHP sessions to keep track of the current directory. This will have the added bonus of allowing the user to restart the filemanager back into the same directory as they were already in.

While writing the code, I’ve been considering how to handle custom API hooks. I think I have a pretty solid idea of how to do it. When I’ve finished bringing this project up to the same level as the official FCKeditor file manager (should be a few days), I’ll add in those hooks, and see if I can interest any developers in the file manager.

download today’s work.

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  1. Hello

    The connection to unload the file does not work.

    it interests to me to know if you can send it to my mail

    Thanks for your aid

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