file manager for fckeditor – day one

Today, I played around with some code, and got the bare bones of a file manager created. It’s not functional in any meaningful way, but you can see where its going:

demo – click either of the buttons, then “Browse Server”.

Tomorrow, I’ll add file upload functionality, as well as all the right-click stuff I added to the original file manager. Today was really about building a neat, easily extended base.

If you want to mess around and work on it yourself, here is the code: kfm. Just extract it in your /editor/plugins directory, and add this line to your fckconfig.js:



  1. Quick question – on the context menu, what happens if your server doesn’t support resizing, rotating, etc.

  2. Colin, if you tried rotating or resizing and the server didn’t support it, then you would get an error and would have to reload the file manager. in that case, go in and comment out the lines in context menu code that make the links 😉

    it’s an interesting one. Maybe I should make those things configurable.

  3. That was going to be my next question – can you configure them?


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