26 May

fckeditor and image captions

So anyway, as I was saying…

My FCKeditor file manager hack can now record captions for your images.


Click the Image icon, then “Browse Server”. Right-click an image to edit it.

I’ve mentioned in the FCKeditor forums that I plan to build a full plugin for this, instead of occasional hacks which need to be re-applied every time the official project changes. Here are some solid details of what I will be doing.

  • ajax – cached file lists and directory structures allow for very quick navigation
  • remember the state – what directory you were in, how files were ordered, etc
  • drag’n’drop file re-ordering, to allow for moving files into different directories, etc
  • search function, for quickly sifting through files
  • build captions automatically from EXIF data.
  • add programming hooks so that updates in the file manager (files renamed, resized, moved) can notify any databases that rely on their urls. The hooks must be CMS-agnostic, so that the plugin can be used by multiple CMSes without requiring hacks

There are other features which I’ve mentioned in my office’s internal bug-tracker, but the above is a pretty good list of the things to come.

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