21 May

eurovision gets rocky

What a surprise! I was only half listening to the Eurovision contest yesterday. I loved the Lithuanian band (“We Are The Winners), and expected them to win through sheer cheekiness. I went out of the room to chat with the blokes at contactjuggling.org, and heard a rock band come on. They sounded kinda GWAR-ish. I took a look, and they looked GWAR-ish as well! A Finnish band called Lordi.

Finland has some damn cool bands, including Nightwish (I love their song Sleeping Sun (some samples from them) – but putting a creature-costumed band into the Eurovision? Crazy!

I thought – personally, I’d vote the Lithuanians first, and the Finnish second.

Stunningly, the Finnish won!

3 thoughts on “eurovision gets rocky

  1. If I recall exactly, Nightwish was chosen by the public vote for Eurovision a couple of years ago. However, the decision was overruled by the Jury and Nightwish came in second and, thus, didn’t get to participate in Eurovision.

    It’s a bit strange that for long time now, all bands exported form Finland to receive any status at all have been rock bands; HIM, Stratovarius, The Rasmus to name just a few. However, to the Eurovision, we’ve always sent some lame attempt to do pop. Why haven’t we savoured what we do well before this year – that’s the thing that beats me. After all, some groups attempted to do anything in their power to keep Lordi off Greece… well, whose laughing now (in a deep and scary laugh, not something you’d normally expect from a nerd like myself:)

    Oh, never before seen/heard of GWAR, but sure seems interesting band … in a Lordish way, and yeah, I understood that they predate Lordi by nearly two decades, but still 🙂

  2. hi kae – this is liane, aka claudia, previously of new york, now webstalking you while I procrastinate on other things. 🙂 enjoyed the previous pics of jareth. he’s adorable!

    … can’t comment on the eurovision stuff, but.. noticed you’re reading a fantasy book I’ve never heard of. I’ve been reading them nonstop and need some suggestions for great books i’ve probably never heard of. can you help?

  3. wow! saw the name Liane, and wondered whether it was you.

    I should really update that list of books – I’m well through them. If you’re looking for good fantasy, I would recommend you dig into Raymond E Feist. I think you would particularly love the Empire trilogy (Daughter- , Servant- , Mistress Of The Empire), but all of his books rule. The Trudi Canavan books are pretty good as well.

    I’m sure you already know from previous correspondance how highly I rate Terry Pratchett’s work, so I won’t bother mentioning him 😉

    David and Leigh Eddings’ recent return to their origins, Belgarath The Sorceror was a well-written piece.

    For fun-loving silliness, I also recommend the Buffy The Vampire Slayer books – they’re silly, but fun.

    Must send you an email later – haven’t spoken to you in years!

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