28 Apr

a working computer

My home computer had been freezing randomly pretty regularly, so my boss divvied out the cash to get new parts to replace the broken bits (it helps that I do a lot of work at home (some of which is unsolicited)).

As I was upgrading the motherboard, and the new system wouldn’t work with my CPU and RAM, I got a handy speed boost out of it as well – out with the 512MB & AMD K6 1.7GHz, and in with 1GB & Intel Celeron D 2.66GHz.

Must say – my initial thoughts are: “holy shit, this is comfortable!”.

I have my x server running with lots of translucency, which would have caused my old system to slow to a crawl, but this one just shrugs and carries on! Bloody fantastic!

At last, I can see what the xcomposite hackers were raving about. Can’t wait for all the other gl-style goodies to get integrated! If only I was a C programmer, I’d jump in and try help out.

Now, I’m gonna see if I can get Thief 3 running through wine, before getting a bit of work done.

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