13 Apr

laptop unusable

*sigh* The backlight in my Dell C610 died today. I could sense its imminent demise for the last week, but it finally shuffled off its electric coil today.

From what I’ve read, it’s difficult-to-impossible to replace a broken backlight, so it may be time for a new lappie.

Goodnight, sweet lappie; may flights of angels wing thee to thy rest.

3 thoughts on “laptop unusable

  1. yup – once I was resigned to lappie’s demise, I went immediately looking for its replacement. I found details on how to resurrect the screen, depending on whether the damage is to the bulb or something called an “invertor”, but it was all kind of probablistic. I prefer certainties.

    So – I’m currently in the market for a lappie which is /slightly/ better than my current, and for a cheap price (kinda skint at the moment). The C610 was a 1024×768, 1GHz, 256M, 20GB machine. It would not take much to improve it. /me digs further into ebay.ie

  2. Kae,

    Dell routinely visits online communities to reach out to our customers. In doing so, we have identified you as a customer with an outstanding issue. We would like to help resolve any remaining technical support concerns you may have. Can you please provide us with your name, email or a phone number so that we may contact you directly?

    Dell Inc.
    Executive Support

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