12 Mar

moved house

Well, I type this article with painful fingers. Yesterday, at 7am, I started the hard work of finishing off all the packing in the house. We finally got just about everything out of the house by 7pm. There were a few things left behind, though, as we could only get three runs out of my neighbour before he had to head off to a wake (his brother died that day). Thanks, Sean – I owe you a few pints.

Today, I decided to get the network up and running. Scrounged around and couldn’t find the power supply for my ADSL router, so I was a bit screwed. Then, it occured to me that eircom has been doing a lot of marketing for their wireless broadband access, so it was very likely that someone around me had it set up.

So, I booted up my lappie, ran iwlist scan, found an unprotected router, and changed my config to use it. I feel fairly guilty “stealing” bandwidth like that, although a ping -b didn’t show any other computers on the network, so I guess the owner of the router is off working or something.

Anyway… right now, I’m discussing an empty naggin of vodka which Bronwyn just found in my laptop case – nyeh, what can I say? Sometimes I need a drink. It relaxes me.

So anyway – new house, with a good garden. The rent is somewhat higher, but at least there is working heating here (my last house was heated by judicial application of coal and space heaters – expensive).

I’m half an hour closer to work, which means an hour less walking, and an hour more sleeping šŸ™‚

Right – off to finish unpacking, set up my own ADSL network, find the owner of this one, apologise, and help secure it.

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