11 Jan

oss initiative thing

I usually don’t concern myself with the "politics" of business, so this post is a bit off-topic for me. My company, webworks.ie, is involved with what could be a very interesting project – the plan is to build an open-source company group which can handle quality assurance for open source for Irish businesses.

I’m a little vague on the details, as I’m really more interested in technical implementations of stuff than in how the technology is then used by other companies.

Anyway – here’s the press release of the thing, and a photo of some of the speakers at the last event:

left-to-right: Brian Cleland (InterTrade Ireland), Kevin Buckley (Mandriva Ireland), Martin Pauly (Unite Solutions), Ciaran O’Riordan (Free Software Foundation Europe), Mel McIntyre (Openapp), Paul McCormack (NETC Facilitator)

This is interesting to me in a sort of "this could be good" way. If all goes well, then I may end up working on more publicly open work, vs what I do at the moment, which tends to filter out slowly and via kinda techy channels.