02 Jan

new year resolutions

Every year, I plan on doing some things. Usually, I fail miserably. Anyway, here goes again…

General plans

  • Get my robot to the stage that it can move around and map its surroundings.
  • I will get FCKEditor working in Konqueror.
  • Get a mortgage and a car.
  • Get that weight down.
  • Look into getting an education. I’m basically a Junior Cert educated person – left school before I finished (I was bored…) – time to look into distance learning, as I don’t have time for classroom learning. “Doctor Kae Verens” would have a nice ring to it.

WebMeCMS plans

These are improvements that I plan for webworks.ie‘s CMS.

  • Convert the “simple table” object so it can work as a spreadsheet.
  • Filter for importing/exporting Open Office spreadsheets (or, more precisely, Open Document spreadsheets (list of compatible applications)).
  • Complete the PHP code abstraction/normalisation that I started last year (reduces lines of code, and makes it easier to debug/maintain).
  • Complete the move from pure XMLHTTPRequest to Sajax (makes AJAX so much easier!).
  • Filter for importing Open Document word processor files and converting to HTML.
  • Vastly ease the installation of the CMS.
  • Consider allowing the use of SQLite, instead of / in addition to, MySQL, allowing easier installation and migration.
  • Improve the directory structure such that designer-editable files are kept completely separate from internal files.
  • Allow the templates and css to be edited from the back-end.
  • Complete the integration with FCKEditor.
  • Install a bugs database, to encourage people to report errors instead of silently fuming.

I’m sure there is a lot more that I want to get done that I can’t think of at the moment…