02 Nov

married, with child!

So, what did you do on Hallowe’en? I got married! I won’t go in depth into it, as it’s a quarter to ten at night and we’re about to delve into a celebratory bottle of champagne (thanks, Linda).

Suffice to say, that an atheist and pagan getting married to each other involves quite a lot of thought.

We had to write the ceremony ourselves, making sure that every word that was spoken meant something real to the person speaking the words (none of your mumbo-jumbo christian BS for me!)

Here are a few photos from the ceremony (as chosen by Bronwyn).

the gallery

6 thoughts on “married, with child!

  1. Congratulations you two!! I know the congrats are a little late, sorry about that! What I get for not visiting the site more often. New job takes up more of my free browsing time than I’d like. 🙂

    Hope you two have a long and prosperous marriage.

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