21 Oct

a town called mali^h^h^hyanus

an excerpt from a chat in #linux (irc.linux.ie)

<shortword> kae a stupid name for a town is “uranus”
<kae> there’s a town in germany called “fuck”
<shortword> er “myanus”
<kae> that sounds greek
<kae> lol! just ran a search for “myanus”. one of the synopsis contains the sentence “where you searching for myanus?”
<shortword> kae ever watched jackass? πŸ™‚
<shortword> they were there πŸ™‚
<kae> omg! the fifth result of the search shows a girl who’s /name/ is myanus
<shortword> lol
<ndonegan> kae: the poor girl.
<slaine> Is there a shop in myanus ?
<ndonegan> kae: I presume she isn’t from an English speaking country?
<slaine> Or she has cruel parents
<slaine> or both
<kae> ndonegan, she looks korean or something
<shortword> longword isn’t it a bit late for you? πŸ™‚
<kae> slaine, shop! lol!
<kae> do they pick blackberries in myanus?
<slaine> lol
<slaine> We could go on and on
* kae wipes eyes and goes to make the tea
<slaine> You could easily park a big truck right up myanus if there was no traffic
<kae> omg!
<radagast> slaine: didn’t need to know that 😐
<kae> alright – that’s the end! damn, that’s a good discussion for the evening, though πŸ˜‰
<Stewie> slaine: been up rodge’s back passage recently, eh?
<radagast> hmm. do they sell logs for firewood in myanus?
<slaine> that wasn’t funny
<Nargler> there are logs all right
<slaine> You just ruined my giggles
<slaine> Stewie, You obviously never saw the jack ass episode where they visted a town call “myanus”
<Stewie> slaine: I don’t watch jackass
<kae> I wonder if there is anyone called Richard in that town
<slaine> “Wow, you can buy groceries in myanus. How many people live in myanus…..”
<Nargler> kae: or roger
<kae> lol!
<Nargler> <g>
<radagast> heh
<slaine> woger
<Nargler> welease woger!
<slaine> woderwic
<kae> welease woger fwom myanus
<slaine> lol
— moongone is now known as moonbeam
<moonbeam> mornins
<slaine> Oh, here’s a lady, we best shut up
<esoteric> lo rach
<esoteric> shes no lady
<moonbeam> jackass sucks;)
<moonbeam> esoteric – i was wondering myself why a lady would come here:)
<slaine> it sucks everywhere, even in myanus
<kae> you know there’s something wrong when there’s a baby born in myanus
<moonbeam> primary schools principals name was aeneas lane,pity we were too young to notice
* moonbeam scrolls back up hmmm mornins are bad for people this is evidence to prove it
<kae> that’s it – as soon as the ladies arrive, the fun has to stop πŸ˜‰
<shortword> heh
<slaine> I’m a lady
<shortword> im thinking the scrambled eggs were a bit ott this morning
<Nargler> slaine: no no no, it’s “I’m a laydeeee!” :]
<moonbeam> hehe
<kae> shortword, I’m thinking that wearing studded leather pants inside out was a bad idea

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