13 Oct

IE7 css updates break old sites

A call-to-action has come from the Microsoft Internet Explorer team.

The article requests that webmasters look over their code to check that existing IE-only hacks will not break their sites when IE7 is released.

This is actually quite a good thing, for multiple reasons.

  • Microsoft is now actually speaking to the developers of websites, warning them about what they will be breaking.
  • The very fact that they are not trying to be backwards-compatible with their past mistakes is a very important improvement!

Personally, I prefer Firefox and Konqueror for my everyday work, but well done for the improvements so far, and good look with IE7.

It is unfortunate that the solution they recommend involves bloating sites’ HTML, though.

Personally, I like to apply browser-specific code through the use of JavaScript.

Consider that most browsers that do not support JavaScript are either speech browsers, or search engines, in which case, the style sheets do not matter in the least anyway for non-JavaScript browsers.

One thought on “IE7 css updates break old sites

  1. Eh? F*ck them. Its their fault I have to employ IE-only hacks in the first place. Why should I have to go to MORE trouble just so they can release another flawed browser? If anyone should be going out of their way testing backwards compatibility its them. They get paid loads of money for their OS and its in-built non-standards compliant browser – none of that money goes to me. Why should I go out of my way to help them?

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