the x in ajax

As everyone knows, the X in AJAX stands for XMLHTTPRequest

, which makes the entire acronym/abbreviation/whatever Asynchronous Javascript And eXtensible Markup Language HyperText Transfer Protocol Request, which is a mouthful and a half.

As everyone also knows, virtually no-one actually uses XML while coding AJAX applications.

I’d like to recommend that the name be changed so it stands for Asynchronous Javascript And eXternal data, which is a bit more apt.


  1. If you’re going to be pedantic – MS implementation of ECMAscript is properly named Jscript; and should the J in AJAX not be an E for ECMAscript? 🙂

  2. absolutely right. that’s hard to pronounce, though – “AEAX”

  3. Actually, Netscape and Sun created Javscript (called Mocha, then called Livescript then Javscript). JScript is Microsofts equivalent version of it, while ECMAScript is the implementation standard.

    For more info:

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