08 Sep

stupid losers

Just got this guestbook entry in my girlfriend’s website.

Name: Anonymous
Email: anonymous
if u made ur freaking font size smaller, people will actually be able to read the information you hav on the website. take my advice and fix it up

Well, Anonymous, a big fuck u to you. If you don’t want the font to be so fucking large, then open up your Internet Explorer (I know you’re using it), and click “View -> Text Size“, and change it from “Larger” to “Medium”.

Some people are so fucking stupid! That’s like complaining that an artist has fucked up the colour in a picture, when all you have to do is take off your stupid fucking tinted glasses and look at it like any normal person does.

Hey, loser, there is nothing wrong with the font size on that website – it is set to use whatever your browser has chosen as the default.

One thought on “stupid losers

  1. No doubt! Sheesh. Would he prefer that you take over his browser experience and force everything to be exactly how you want it to look? Then he’d be whining about that. Some people’s children, really…

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