07 Sep

quick php efficiency tip

Rewrote some code today. It was a bit long-winded.

It was:


Rewrote to:

 foreach(array('name','id','start','action') as $v)$$v=getVar($v);

This method can be used to really help clean up longwinded variable initialisations.

9 thoughts on “quick php efficiency tip

  1. You know its entries like this can really make a blog. Its something that I myself do; its soemthing very simple; its something that a lot of experienced coders do and that some experienced people really should be doing yet aren’t; and yet its mentioned practically nowhere on the web. Its only drawback would be readability, but its not that hard even for a novice to figure out. Its just a pity you had to post those coffee musings beforehand 🙂

  2. yeah – it’s difficult, sometimes, to justify posting a whole article for just one tip, though. And, you’re right – it’s something which should be obvious for any near-competent programmer. Surprisingly, though, I’ve been coding in PHP since the 20th century, and I never thought to do this.

    Makes you wonder, really – 1) how many other simple tricks have passed me by? 2) they let me write programs without knowing these things? 🙂

  3. Yeah $$ is very useful because php with eval it at runtime meaning you can do quite funky things if the application of it is correct.

    For example.
    private function my_func_test($args) {
    $myclass = new my_class();
    $myclass->my_handler(“test”, array(“arg1”, “arg2”, “arg3”); //etc

    I’m not sure how useful or relevant this is to this particular article, but you were saying how you had posted just for one tip i thought i might try add some more!

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