10 Aug

the eircom blues

For the last few days, I’ve been grabbing a single webcam frame every minute from the AC/DC Big Ball convention, in order to create a short video detailing the entire convention, by stitching the .jpgs together with mencoder.

The last image was grabbed yesterday, at 13:47 – not because the convention had finished – but because that’s the time when Eircom went balls-up for the second time in two weeks.

It took them almost 9 hours to get Monaghan (the entire town – not just a house or two) back online. That is incompetence.

So, I’m moving all my servers off my home DSL link, to a more stable location. And, as soon as it’s feasible, I’m moving away from Eircom.

I know that in their opinions it’s probably something like “oops – there it goes again”, but the Internet is my livelihood – it’s what I work at – I need a reliable connection, and that is not Eircom.

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