28 Jul

IE7 Beta1 available

According to the IE Blog, IE7 Beta 1 was released to MSDN subscribers recently.

According to the comments, though – …well – let’s just say they should have listened to the community.

The technical documentation on what has changed in the CSS (one of the most important things in IE, according to my own profession), boils down to “we’ve solved at least two bugs”.

However, according to some of the commenters, this beta does even worse in the Acid Test than IE6 (screenshot). I’m viewing it currently in Konqueror for KDE 3.4, and it’s almost perfect – it’s unbelievable how bad that screenshot is!

I’m looking forward to trying this out – surely something which has been in development for so long must have some saving graces?

update: I got a copy of IE7 for myself and have it installed. At first, it refused to display my website, but I managed to get that fixed by applying Dean Edwards’ IE7 script (can’t remember what he’s changing it to) to all IE versions below 8 – not just 7 – evidentally, the browser still sucks.