08 Jul

first PHP4/5 difference I've noticed

I just spent a half hour narrowing down a bug in an application I’d fut some polishing touches on in PHP5. When it was moved onto the production server earlier, it came up with blank pages. I wasn’t on hand to check it out, so couldn’t help over the phone. I had to wait until I could get to a computer to debug it.

The end problem was in a line similar to the following:

$n=$db->query('select id from some_table')->numRows();

The above worked in every server I had available – except the one it was supposed to go on.

To get that code working in PHP4, you must break the object results down:

$n=$db->query('select id from some_table');

It’s an annoyance – but at least it’s not a large thing to fix, and the lines that need changing can easily be found by grepping for numRows().

3 thoughts on “first PHP4/5 difference I've noticed

  1. It’s the other way around, hostyle – I was writing code for PHP5, but the code didn’t work in PHP4. No biggie – it’s a small difference, but I was suprised by it anyway, as I had not come across any other differences up until then.

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