05 Apr

shockingly unethical behaviour by BlueFish!

I’m on the mailing list for KDEWebDev, but usually, I just skim through it, ignoring most mails.

Today, though, the subject of one of the mails intrigued me:

Blue fish scum!!!

Good lord! That’s incredible language for a leader of the open source community to use about a rival application.

I read further, and it seems the anger is warrented.

Look at the voting box at the bottom of the page. Looks fine, right? Look at the source of it!

It does not allow you to vote any lower than 8! Even when you think you’re voting for a low number, you are actually voting for a different number.

Here is a sample:

 <option value="9">3</option>
 <option value="8">2</option>

If you can’t see what’s wrong with that, then you should not be working in anything that involves a modicum of ethics.

As a VIM user, this revelation will not affect my own usage of the product, but I hope some of you readers out there think twice before deciding to help out in that particular project.

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