04 Apr

wedding rings

Myself and Bronwyn will be getting married in October (on the 31st).

I did some gimping to develop some images to describe what I think the rings will end up looking like.

Bronwyn’s is a fairly simple one to work out, for those of you that know anything about Celtic history:

My own is a bit more modern:

2 thoughts on “wedding rings

  1. Hey there Kae! Congratulations! Heather and I got married a year ago last week! It was hectic, and everything was pretty much a blur, but you never really forget “the moment” :). I like the ring concepts. Heather and I got Celtic rings too, but they’re pretty simple. Just knotwork stuff. What do they mean?
    Hope all is going well with you guys! Haven’t chatted with you in ages.

  2. The top one is in Ogham, and spells “Kae” phonetically. The bottom one is 7-bit ASCII for “Bronwyn” 🙂 – I guess we take our hobbies seriously!

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