16 Mar

ie6 bug – regexps, split, and carriage returns

This one had me stumped for half an hour… In my AJAX shopping cart, I return a file which is delimited by carriage returns. Some of the lines of the file may be blank. On the client side, I then split that into an array. Firefox was giving me the correct array, but IE6 was dropping all the blank lines.

It took me a while, but I finally figured it out. It seems that if you split using the method file.split(/\n/), then IE6 rips up that regexp and replaces it with file.split(/\n+/).

Here is some sample code – this works perfectly in Firefox, but the problem is demonstrated in the first three alerts for IE6.


As you can see, the solution is to split on the string '\n' instead of the regexp /\n/, although that obviously is not ideal in all cases.

As usual, we web developers can thank Microsoft for the hell that we go through.

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