06 Mar

why .net, c# and mono are bad names

from slashdot

Maybe it would get wider acceptance if MS named it differently. I first heard about it a few years back, and wanting to know more, I typed .NET into Google. I got back every www.*.net website on the web, but little about Microsoft. I knew C# had something to do with this, so I typed that in. Google dropped the # and returned every page with the letter C. Then I heard about ASP.NET, and decided to look that up on Google. I got back every www.*.net/*.asp page in the world, again no useful info. Finally, I gave up and installed Linux instead. I heard that mono got me .NET on Linux, and so I looked up mono. I learned alot about being careful about who I kiss, but little else.

One thought on “why .net, c# and mono are bad names

  1. ~L~ I hear you on that one. Fun thing about Google is, it DOES like to drop stuff. Even when you really need it to be in the search. However, if you put a + in front of what it’s dropping, i.e. Microsoft +.NET or ASP +.NET or +.NET Mono you get MUCH better luck. (I realize you probably know this, and are posting to make a point, but I thought I would comment anyway.~L~)

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