26 Feb

webme moved to its own domain

See WebME’s news page for more details.

Basically, I was annoyed at how long it took to set up a demo site for a co-worker, and figured it was because [http://webme.verens.com/|webme.verens.com] was hosted on my own server at home, using a slow 128K uplink.

The faster server should allow much-quicker CMS creation. Try it out!

2 thoughts on “webme moved to its own domain

  1. Very intesting application in AJAX,

    A full running example of the shopping cart will be interesting to view.

    The several examples which turn with WebMe was particulary interesting.

    In this case a full demo of kipa.ie will be the better thing to view the shopping cart running.

    If you can do that, it’ll be so good

  2. There are a few examples of the shopping cart now live. The most advanced of these currently is Inkjet.IE. I am working on browser-compliance for Konqueror at the moment, and IE5 for Mac (a difficult one).

    Unfortunately, the enhanced code of the shopping cart is not yet available, but you are free to take ideas from it and replicate the functionality.

    If you are interested in WebME, then you will be pleased to hear that I have a major new release scheduled for either this, or next, weekend.

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