23 Feb

Version 0.3 of WebME released

The previous releases of the CMS were pretty tricky to install, but this release should make installation of a complete WebME system as easy as falling over a rock.

See here for the WebME release announcement.

Main points:

  • New installation method – no nasty fiddling around. Just download the install script to the root of your site, make the directory and file writeable by the server, then read the file through your browser.
  • New upgrade method. From 0.3 onwards, upgrading will be as easy as a single click in the administration area. There is a new area – “Server Administration”, which has an upgrade tool which downloads upgrade scripts if they exist, and runs them, automating the migration to more recent versions of the system.
  • New theme, developed by Maria of webworks.ie. Really makes the first impressions a bit easier on the eyes than my own design efforts!

Please do try it out. I haven’t had any feedback on it yet, but I think that was because installation has been tricky, up until now.