06 Feb

webme 0.2

Okay – I think the reason that WebME got off to such a slow start was that it’s a bugger to install if you haven’t done it day in day out for the last year.

So, today, I wrote a simple install wizard, which takes care of the config file and installs a bare-bones database.

click here to download WebME 0.2

The WebME site is growing as well. There’s now a very sparse comparison matrix on it, which I’ll fill in as I get to try out the other OS CMSes around.

The goal of WebME is to become the easiest CMS for a web developer’s clients to use. At webworks.ie, we know that the CMS is not for the web designer, but for the end client, so we built our CMS in such a way that a designer/developer can use it to set up the site initially, then turn off all the features that would just confuse the end user.

I hope you all give the CMS a shot – just download the zipped file, unzip it, and move all of the files into the root of a fresh domain (including the /.htaccess file). When you visit that domain in your browser, you will see a very simple installation wizard.

The wizard is rudimentary at the moment, and does not check for all the things that can go wrong. If there is a problem installing it, then please comment here on it, describing the problem, and I will prescribe a fix, and will fix the wizard and CMS to take care of that the next time.

As usual, the demo is at demo.webme.verens.com – don’t forget to give it a try.

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