ringtones for little or nothing

Bronwyn spent the last hour choosing a ringtone to install on her phone. When it came to doing it, though, she asked me to do it. I watched what the phone was doing at all times, and realised that it’s just making a WAP connection to a MIDI file on a web server.

So, I tried it myself – I put up Eugene’s Trick Bag (with the awful last note – must fix that), and told my Nokia 3510i to go to that address. It immediately downloaded the file. I told it to Save in the Tones directory, and disconnected.

Then, when I went in to change the selected ring tone, I looked through the Gallery, and there it was!

So – Bronwyn’s ringtone cost her 4 euro. I went into my account information at O2, and found out that my own method cost me only 1c! That’s 400 times less than Bronwyn paid!

So, there you have it!

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