03 Feb

first release of WebME

I don’t have a version number for it yet (never had need for it in work), so let’s call it webme 0.1.

This is a fairly mature CMS, just released by webworks.ie for the open source community.

Consider it to be free software, in that you do not have to pay us to use it. We would like for you to release any improvements or modifications that you make to the code, though, so we all benefit from your work.


The system I use is like this:

  • Apache. No particular version.
  • Mod Rewrite for Apache. Probably already built into your system.
  • PHP 4.x or higher.
  • ImageMagick
  • MySQL

Quick Installation Instructions

Download the site code (bz2 or tar.gz) and unzip it. The files contained in the webme directory should be placed in the root of your intended website. This CMS is not designed to co-exist with an existing website, so please use a fresh domain.

Create a fresh database for yourself in MySQL. Use “webme” as the name of the database for now (simplicity’s sake).

Edit /common/config.php and update the appropriate sections. There are two database settings in use – one for offline, and one online. This is to accomodate hacking the source and running two concurrent versions of the same site.

Download the sample database (webme.sql) and use it to populate your new database.

Add the new site into your Apache config, and away you go!

There is a sample site up here. The admin username and password is “admin”. Have fun!