22 Jan

Jareth's progress

A few months ago, Jareth refused to stand up, even when holding onto anything. Then, he figured out that standing against a coffee table or box meant that he could reach all the goodies that we had so thoughtfully placed on it.

He took a few exploratory steps on his own, but never saw the point in actual walking – he’d either walk along the edge of a couch, holding on with both hands, or he’d take a step out into open space and then get down on all fours and crawl the rest of the way.

Last week, in one day, he decided that he likes walking. Now, he’s phenomenal! Unbelievable how quickly he picked it up.

He’s yet to speak. I can’t help but compare other kids born around the same time. John and Maria’s kid (they’re my bosses) Jack has been walking a while, and is also making speaking noises. He’s just a month or two older than Jareth. I heard his speaking once while getting a lift with them. It was a great experience! I couldn’t make those gurgly noises myself. It was like he was trying to speak at the same rapidity as his dad (a notorious speaker 🙂 ).

I’m looking forward to speaking with Jareth. So far, he only says “Mam!” when he’s upset, and I’m not sure if it’s an intentional word, or if he’s just vocalising.

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